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Business Assessment Solutions Inc. is a trusted Private Career College sector leader in elevating the future of learning with curriculum choices. Together, our experts reframe learning outcomes by applying innovative curriculum design and building curriculum content that adheres to ministry-compliant solutions that result in 100% positive third-party assessments and a legacy of securing the Superintendent’s approval.

Experience & Position

Backed by two decades of experience working with design and content experts using our “eSSential” approach to education make it possible to deliver Ontario Ministry-approved in-person and distance learning programs that drive real value. Learn more about the educator behind Business Assessment Solutions Inc.

Analyze & Strategize

Educational needs are constantly changing—now more than ever. Private Career Colleges can stay ahead of the changing landscape with trending curriculum design and delivery options developed on demand for Business, Health, and Administration programs with best-in-class learning approaches. View available in-class instructor-led and distance education eSSential curriculum toolkits.

Benchmark & Execute

Compare how your educational offering performs against the market. To do this, navigating Ministry compliance is at the core. Our fully connected, outcome-focused approach to delivering curriculum innovations today helps your Private Career College be ready for tomorrow. View our solutions.

Toolkits, Services and Customized Solutions

Staying ahead of the learning and design needs for your Private Career College is easier with our service offering and “eSSential” curriculum toolkits. See our eSSential services and curriculum toolkit offerings.

Just Added to Our Service Offering

We are continually adding customized solutions. Ask Jerry about our newest virtual project offerings as an option to external practicum placements.

Results You Can Depend On

The results with Business Assessment Solutions Inc. are backed by the Private Career Colleges who continue to leverage them. See for yourself.

How Can You Reach Jerry?

Partnering with Private Career Colleges since 2004 you can reach Jerry by email or telephone.

Telephone: 905-906-3706