Tator, Rose & Leong

Recognizing that career colleges have unique reporting requirements which are defined by the Ministry of Colleges and Universities (MCU), our firm has developed an audit team that understands both the technical requirements as well as specific audit requirements.

We have experience in executing as well as assisting our clients in streamlining the year end, prepaid unearned revenue, revenue by source, foreign and domestic student enrolment and KPI audits. We also have compiled pro-forma financial statements for schools seeking PCC registration as well as acted as a Subject Matter Expert for PCCs seeking MCU approval of new vocational programs.

Our experience on KPI audits for new OSAP registrations and ongoing compliance audits allow our firm to have a supportive role with respect to compliance for OSAP registered colleges and colleges seeking registration. We have contributed to the Private Career College industry with respect to providing audit guidance to senior policy advisors at MTCU as well we have lectured for Career Colleges Ontario on KPI matters and sale of a PCC both at workshops and at the annual conference. Edmund Leong, CPA, CA, senior partner currently sits as an advisor to the Career Colleges Ontario Board.

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