Why do some people bounce back from tragedy and others fall apart? How do some people stay upbeat during tough times while others collapse? What makes one person thrive while another person barely survives in exactly the same circumstances?

The answer to all of these questions is ‘resilience’. Resilience is that strength of spirit that lets you bounce back and make a go of it, despite adversity. Resilience is a skill mindset that can be developed. The key to resilience is perspective; How you see the world, how you see yourself and how you see the two in relation to one another, are critical considerations that make all the difference.

In both his keynote and in his workshop on resilience, Bill discusses such things as; self-talk, mirror neurons, toxic and tonic people and how they affect your day-to-day reality, understanding change as transformation, learning to be gentle with ourselves, learning not to “jury-rig” in times of transformation, taking care with what you feed your head and heart, the negative role all media can play, and how all this and much more affects your perspective, and finally how to nurture and grow your resilience when you need it most.

Like any skill, once you understand the mechanics and assemble the tools and apply yourself, you can become a master. The last year was a difficult one and this year looks every bit as challenging – never has resilience mattered more and been more sorely needed. Let Bill guide you with wit and wisdom in his newest offering – Living with Resilience: the Art of Bouncing Back!